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How we can help your product development team


Observe the current process to understand how communication may be breaking down between teams.


Participate in weekly prioritization meetings to make sure the right items are getting worked on each week that are aligned with upper management's goals.

Daily Standups

Attend daily standups - either physically or virtually - to make sure people are working on the right things on a daily basis.

Release & Measure

Set up and monitor weekly releases to increase visibility across the company on what was delivered each week. Make sure your analytics track your progress.

What should you expect each month?

First Month

  • We will understand your business better and get alignment around strategy - asking critical questions to upper management.
  • We will understand your team and start to identify strengths and weaknesses

Second Month

  • We will start to fine tune the development process so development is more efficient.
  • We will increase visibility so upper management has a clear understanding on what is getting worked on (and what is NOT)

Last Month

  • We will make recommendations on changes - either to teams and roles or to process.
  • We will make an honest assessment of your product roadmap.
  • We will create product dashboards to help you run your business.

Example Week


  • Standups (Slack)


  • Standups (Slack)


  • Onsite Standups
  • Roadmap Review
  • Backlog Scrub


  • Onsite Standups
  • Prioritizations
  • User Story Review


  • Standups (Slack)

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