Custom Product, Design & Development

UpTech custom projects include some mix of product management, user experience design, and/or software development — drawing from the various elements in our playbook.

We work with you to understand your needs, then craft an engagement that's best suited to accomplish your goals. That could be a simple 1/2-day workshop with your team, or a complex project that draws on our our whole team to plan, design, and build your product over a period of months.

Standard Consulting Services

In addition to custom projects, UpTech offers a number of standard consulting services.

Design Review

Need some tough love from a UX expert about your product's design? We're not afraid to tell you that your baby is ugly.

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Product Analytics

You installed Google Analytics. Now what? We can help you put the right tracking in place and understand what to look for so that you're paying attention to the signal, rather than sifting through noise.

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Product Execution

If your product team is struggling to consistently and effectively prioritize and execute, we can help with tools, process, and training to get you in a good spot.

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