Pra for macOS

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pra?

Pra (or Pull Request Aggregator) is a macOS application that shows you all the pull requests you want to see and none of the pull requests you don't, exactly when you want to see them.

Why do I need it?

Developers use Pra when they need to keep track of pull requests across multiple repositories. Using Pra helps you see when someone needs code reviewed, or when a pull request has changed, so you can avoid downtime on projects.

Some common cases where people find Pra valuable are:

  • working on a micro-service oriented architecture
  • working on libraries and an app
  • working on open source projects and proprietary projects
  • working on projects for multiple clients

How does it work?

Link Pra to your Github account and you will see a list of all the open pull requests across all the different repositories that you are a part of. You'll see the important details about each pull request so you can quickly decide which PR to review. Simply double-click a pull request to open it in your default browser and start reviewing.

How do I get it?

Right now, you can install Pra for free from via direct download on the Pra - Product Page. Discounts available for large teams.

How do I add my Github account?

To add your Github account, go to Preferences and click the Accounts tab:

Click the Add (+) button to add Github. Now you should be able to log into your Github account:

How do I ignore repositories that I do not care about?

Have too much noise in your pull request list? No problem, just right-click an item in the list and select "Ignore Repository." You can manage your ignored repositories in the Preferences - Repositories tab.

Who built and maintains Pra?

Long before UpTech was founded, Drew De Ponte built Pra as a command-line tool. As part of UpTech's mission to help "makers" (with both consulting and products), Pra has since become a collective effort of the UpTech team: Drew, Ryan, Matt, Adam, and Claude.