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Get things done without the small talk

Meet Drew, one of the founders at UpTech. UpTech is a consulting and contracting shop that specializes in Product, Design, and Development.

As part of the UpTech team, Drew actively works on several projects with different clients and various members of the UpTech team all at the same time.

With so much going on, Drew needs a way to see all the pull requests that he might want to review across all the repositories he has access to. So he built Pra.

UpTech uses Pra to keep track of pull requests that are up for review and to quickly see vital info, enabling us to decide which PR we want to review and when.

It’s Friday. Drew finishes writing some code.

First up, Drew commits some code and opens a pull request for someone on the team to review.

He needs a review so he can ship! Enter Ryan.

Ryan, another member of the UpTech team, finished one of his tasks and checks Pra for any pull requests that need reviewing. Sure enough, he now sees Drew's pull request in Pra.

He knows Drew is on a tight deadline, so he jumps on it, allowing him to keep moving forward on his project.

Pra integrates with your existing GitHub workflow so you don’t have to change your old man ways.

Ryan double-clicks the pull request to open it in GitHub. He takes a look at Drew's shady code and decides it's good enough to ship — for an MVP — and approves the request.

Once Ryan approves the pull request, Drew can see that it is updated in Pra. He then merges the PR into master and moves on with his project.

Pra is where developers turn when they can’t remember anything anymore.

Everybody gets back to work. Everybody is happy. Do you want to be happy?

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