User Research

Meeting, listening to, and observing real users (or potential users) is how to validate and refine hypotheses about your users and your product. For most consumer products, 5-8 interviews is usually about right. For business products, 3-5 interviews per role is a good rule of thumb, with a mix of:

  • people in different roles within the same company
  • people in the same roles within the same company
  • people in the same roles at different companies

If there is a clear primary persona, extensive research with secondary personas (system admin, for example) is not necessary — 1-2 interviews may be enough.

Typical Length About 1 week per 10 interviews (including time to reflect, synthesize, and review the results)
Logistics Research should ideally be in person, one-on-one, and on location in the context where people would use your product.
Deliverables Personas; research summary; updated product vision statement

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