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by Matthew New

One of our clients, 8i is a software development company focusing on creating lifelike humans in mixed reality. As part of a new product initiative, they developed a new, low-cost studio for capturing people’s holograms outside of their office.

To test product market fit, they deployed a stage at a Ready Player One party at Comic-Con San Diego, so partygoers could come on the stage and get their hologram at no additional cost. When the holograms were ready, the users received an email with a link to a Web Player where they could view, interact, and share their hologram.


Since this was a brand new capture stage, one of the important questions 8i was trying to understand was if the quality of the hologram was good enough that customers would be willing to pay for it. However, there was no feedback loop in the existing Web Player to interact with the users.


To measure the quality of the hologram, we looked into Hotjar - a tool for tracking user interactions as well as creating polls and surveys. Since Segment was implemented in the Web Player, all we had to do to turn on Hotjar was to sign up for a free account and turn on the integration. Within 15 minutes, Hotjar was live on the site and collecting data for the team to review.

Web Player Poll


Results from the survey showed that overall, people were ok with the quality but not inclined to pay for the result. It also showed the types of content people were interested in creating and viewing.

Hotjar Responses

Based on that information, 8i was able to verify that the quality was not good enough as the product was currently constructed. They needed to research using other cameras to increase the quality of raw camera data used to process the hologram.

Additionally, they were able to identify the types of markets where there is demand for this type of 3D content and focus their sales efforts to target these types of partnerships.

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