RSpec Basics

by Drew De Ponte

This is yet another screencast I dug up while cleaning out some of the digital clutter. This one provides a great basic walk through of outside in development despite using a sligtly older version of RSpec. The biggest difference in RSpec versions at this point is the way expections are written. In this screencast it references the old style:


The new style avoids implementations that require monkey patching. This now looks as follows.

expect(Catalog).to receive(:all)

Despite this small deviation this screencast is still extremly valuable and hopefully helps people get a grasp on outside in development and the basics of RSpec. You should be able to easily adjust for the difference by referencing the rspec-expectations documentation.


In this episode we reset the state of code to the point where in episode 2 we should have dropped down and fleshed out the RSpec tests for the controller. This episode covers the very basics of RSpec while we drive out a Rails controller action as part of the feature outlined in episode 2.

Release Date 2013-05-15
Size 79.7 MB
Duration 21 mins
Resolution 1920 x 1080

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